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There are more than 20'000 species of Shrimp. Around 300 of these Shrimp species can be used in the food industry. There are different names for Shrimp like Scampi, Shrimp Scampi, Prawn.

The word "Scampi" is often used as a synonym for Shrimp but it's actually somewhere between a Lobster and a Shrimp. Scampi are in other countries  known as Langostino, Nephrops Norvegicus or Dublin Prawn.

All about Shrimp

Three types of Shrimps are important for our selection of the finest Shrimp Receipes: Coldwater, freshwater and warmwater Shrimp

Freshwater Shrimp: One of the largest Shrimp types (sometime over one foot and over one pound) which are available farm-raised and wild-caught. The taste is very mild and soft. They have bright blue shells. Freshwater shrimps are a delicacy for Shrimp Scampi Receipes and can be often found in gourmet seafood restaurants.

Coldwater Shrimp live in the deep water of the sea where the water is much colder. Their quality and taste is of superior quality. There are two types of Coldwater shrimp (also called deep sea shrimp) around the world: One type lives in the northern hemisphere Oceans and the "Chilenian Shrimp" can be found in the South Pacific region. Coldwater Shrimp is wild-caught and very small.

Warmwater Shrimp
are the most popular Shrimp used for Shrimp Scampi Receipes in the United States. Warmwater shrimp can be wild-caught or farm-raised. They are grouped as follows:

  • Tiger Shrimp: Very popular Shrimp type due to the relatively low price. They are primarily from Asia where there are called Black Tiger Shrimp. They have black and gray colured shells. When cooked they have a bright red shell and the meat is white. Tiger Shrimp shrink more than other Shrimp when cooked. Very mild flavour. 

  • White Shrimp: Wild-caught in the Gulf of Mexico and along the south-east Atlantic Coast. They are also caught  in Mexico, China, India and Ecuador.  White Shrimp Scampi  have a sweet taste and firm meat. The farm-raised white shrimp has a slightly milder flavor and have in most cases a less firm texture. 

  • Pink Shrimp: are called pink because their shell colour turns to dark pink and the meat is white with pink skin tones when cooked. Mild flavour. 

  • Brown Shrimp: they have light brown colour which turns coral when cooked. Their meat is white with coral shin tones. 

  • Rock Shrimp: come from the Gulf of Mexico and from the Atlantic side of Florida. The Rock Shrimp become not very large and is often available without shell. Sweet tasting meat.

Finest Shrimp Receipes:
Our selection of the most delicious Shrimp Receipes is grouped as follows (click the respective Receipes Area):

Grilled Shrimp Scampi Receipes Garlic Shrimp Receipes Shrimp Creole Receipe
Coconut Shrimp Receipe Shrimp and Pasta Receipes Shrimp Gumbo Receipes
Fried Shrimp Scampi Receipes    

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