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How to cook finest Scallop Recipes 

Scallops can be found in the eastern North Atlantic from the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Northern Newfoundland to Cape Hatteras.

Finest Scallop Recipes:

Our selection of the most delicious Scallop Recipes is grouped as follows (click the respective Recipes Area):

Saffron Scallop Recipe

All you need to know about Scallops and Scallop Recipes

The Scallop consists of two valves of shells. Inside these shells, there is the so called abductor muscle. This muscle is the meat we use in our scallop recipes. This muscle is much more developed than in oysters and clams. They can move by clicking with their shells. People often observe this movement like scallops “flying” through the ocean. Even when a scallop is caught its shells are still moving. If a scallop comes out of the water it dies immediately. Scallop need to be refrigerated very quickly.

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