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Oyster Recipes are a myth and Oysters are one of the most celebrated food

People say, Oyster Recipes are an aphrodisiac. Even Casanova himself once wrote, that the potency can be strengthen with at least 50 Oysters sip in its own liquor. But not only this! Oysters are very healthy.


Finest Oyster Recipes:
Our selection of mouth-watering Oyster Recipes is grouped as follows:

Creamed Oysters Oyster Cocktail


All you need to know about Oysters and Oyster Recipes

Oysters contain all important nutrients like vitamins (A, B1 and B2) as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodide and phosphorus.

Furthermore Oyster Recipes are said to be the delicacy of the beauties and the riches.

In our days the quality of Oysters is better than ever. In this modern times, new technology makes possible an  “all-season oyster”. In the past you could only eat Oysters during months ending with “r”. Enjoy Oysters and our mouth-watering Oyster Recipes the whole year!

There exist a lot of different Oyster types. I mean hundreds. But there is no need to know all of them. Only a few (4-5) types are important for the harvest in the United States. Here is a list of some examples of Oysters which we use for our Oyster Recipes

1.   European Flat Oyster

This Oyster type grows on France’s Brittany Coast, also in New England and the Pacific Northwest. These Oysters are classified as expensive and not as bulk good. And they are worth their high price with the sweet, delectable flavor. 

2.   Atlantic or Eastern Oyster

The Atlantic Oyster makes out more than a half of the total Oyster harvest in the United States. They can be mainly found in Cape Cods, Blue Points and Louisiana. 

3.   Kumamoto

These Oysters come from the area of Washington state and are closely related to the Pacific Oyster. The Kumamoto became generally known in the half-shell trade. This Oyster type is of small size with deep cup and has a delicious flavor. 

4.   Pacific Oyster

This Oyster was introduced from Japan and now cultivated on farms in the United States. Pacific Oysters are nearly as popular as the Atlantic Oyster on the  U.S. market. Some of the common names where they are farm raised are Westcott Bays, Hog Islands and Sweetwater’s. 

In Europe people prefer different Oyster types. The most delicious ones for Oyster Recipes Lovers:

  • In France: Belon, Papillon (the most superior small sized Oyster that can’t be surpassed in its beautiful taste)

  • In Netherlands: Imperial

  • In Denmark: Limfjord

  • In Great Britain: Whitestabel

  • In Germany: Sylter Royal

Pay attention when you buy Oysters …

Alive or shucked – that’s the question. Both is possible. So what’s the difference and what do you have to take care off? When buying alive check it by tapping on the shells . If it doesn’t close the shells, the oyster is dead and you should keep your hands off. It is too dangerous as it might be contaminated with microorganism like bacteria.

Also important is the aroma. If you smell the sea, that’s ok but if the Oyster smells of sulfur, stay away.

Tip: Eat the Oysters as soon as possible. If not it is important to store them at 34-38 F .

Living Oysters:

  • Cup-side down to bath them in their own liquor, let them breathe and not envelop in plastic

  • Avoid getting Living Oysters in contact with fresh water, they wouldn’t survive 

Shucked Oysters:

  • In the jar, they should have a creamy color and the liquid should be clear.

  • Avoid shucked oysters when the meat looks turgid ( water has been added for extra weight)


Now you know the most important tips. Try our Oyster Recipes with these tips and you gonna succeed.

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Enjoy the world-best Shellfish Recipes from Shrimp-Scampi-Recipes.com! 

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