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Crab Cake Recipes 

There live more than 100 different types of Crabs in the oceans. Only some are interesting for the kitchen and our tasty Crab Cake Recipes.  We only touch the surface to give you the most important facts about Crabs.

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All you need to know about Crab and Crab Cake Recipes

Crabs are closely related to Lobster and Shrimp. They are very popular in the USA, but also enjoyed in a lot of other continents.

One of the most interesting Crab is the Alaskan Snow Crab.  It can be found in the waters of Alaska and can weigh up to 3 pounds. It`s bigger brother, the Alaskan King Crab can also be found in the waters of Alaska. Actually you donít need to find them, the waters are full of them. Both types of Crabs live in the northern Pacific Ocean and the Bering Sea.

In order to prepare nice Crab cake recipes you have to take out the meat of the legs. You can use a nutcracker and the meat is drawn out without any difficulties.

Stone Crabs are also very delicious. This kind of Crab can be fished from October to May. You need only the meat of the claws which is very tenderly and sweet.

Other types are Soft Shell Crabs and Blue Crabs. Actually both are Blue Crabs. The difference is that the Soft Shell Crab renews its shell to get a larger one. During the process of renewing the old shell is sheded. The Crab is without a shell for some days and shows the soft back.

Both, the Soft Shell Crab and the Blue Crab have blue claws and dark blue-green shells. It can be harvested in the Atlantic Coast and along the Gulf. But the Chesapeake Bay is the largest producer of all these areas.

This is only a small selection of Crabs, which we presented here There are existing many more...  To be able to prepare our Crab and Crab Cake Recipes, you need only to know the main types.

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