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Chinese Recipe Secrets -
How to cook authentic Chinese Recipes

Those who have had the privilege of tasting a wonderful Chinese meal will suspect magic and looking for the real Chinese Recipe secrets.

China is a country where the appreciation of good food is developed into a fine art. Chinese are epicures. They put into the cooking of it all the loving care for detail, the daintiness, the spice and the wit that characterise their art and their understanding of the business of life. Chinese cooking is distinctive: No other cooking resembles it in any way.

Chinese food is rich, but not greasy: it is delicately flavoured, but not pungently spicy. Cook what is freshly slaughtered, and eat what is freshly cooked is a doctrine of a Chinese Recipe and universally recognised throughout China. It is better that one should wait for the meal than that the meal should wait for one.

Variety is another important feature of a Chinese Recipe. A Chinese dish almost always consists of a mixture of food­stuffs - the meat or fish is generally cooked with, and improved by, the addition of some appropriate vegetable.

All the material to be used is cut into convenient size in the kitchen before serving, so that no carving instruments are re­quired at table. All the condiments are added during the process of cooking, thus doing away with the necessity of the usual cruet. The only exception is some Soya bean sauce provided at the table in case it is required.

At a Chinese meal such articles as milk, bread, butter, or cheese are never served. Some­times dishes considered by us to be rare and delicious may be thought unpalatable for con­sumption by foreigners - as, for example, bears' paws, chicken feet, ducks' tongues, pigs' trot­ters, etc. Don't worry you will not find a Chinese Recipe in this section containing one of those ingredients.

Methods of Chinese Cooking

  • Shao K'ao means Roasting

  • Cheng M means Steaming

  • Ch'ao means Frying with a little fat
    over a quick fire

  • Chien M Sauteing or Frying with a small
    quantity of fat over a gentle fire

  • Cha means Frying in deep fat at a high

  • Men means Stewing

  • Tun means cooking by use of a double

  • Ao means Simmering

Chinese Recipe and Tea

Tea might correctly be termed the national beverage of China as it is so generally drunk by all classes, and the habit is one of very long standing.

It is the Chinese custom even at the present day to welcome a guest with a cup of tea and this is observed by the high and low alike. Good tea is of a clear colour, greenish or red­dish, and has a slightly astringent flavour. The poor quality is very light in colour and bitter in taste. There are an indefinite number of varieties of China tea, with a wide range of prices. According to the method of curing, tea is divided into two main classes, green and black tea.

Chinese Recipe and Wine

No dinner is complete without wine, which brings joy and drives away depression, and makes the old feel young and the young still more youthful.

In Central China wine known as Shaohsing wine - named after its producing centre in Chekiang - is very popular. It is the wine of China. It has another name Hua Tiao  meaning flower decoration, because the jars in which the wine is kept usually bear a floral decoration.

Here our Chinese Recipe selection:

Hot and Spicy Chicken Chinese Food Recipe Healthy Chinese Recipe Sweet and sour Pork (boneless) (T'ang Ts'u P'ai Ku)

Tip: How, with the minimum of materials and trouble, you may prepare food as the Chinese do; It is worth while taking a little time to learn the art of Chinese Food Recipes; and the results are so much more satisfactory.

Those who have had the privilege of tasting a wonderful Chinese Recipe will suspect magic - but the secret can be found in this Chinese Recipe EBook.

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